How to improve your computer's performance.

PC processing speed mainly depends on the speed of processor of a computer. But there are more external factors that affect the performance of your PC. In order to improve PC performance, someone must put more effort in system maintenance such as scheduled defragmentation of computer drive and clean up of temporary files stored in PC. From here, I will reveal some tips on how to improve your laptop tips PC performance without the help of others.

1. Defragment

For your information, data that stored in the computer are arranged in a specified way. Whenever a software is uninstalled, the data will be erased from the system in which an empty space is generated from the action taken. The empty space will be later occupied by new data when new software is installed. The newly installed software will not arranged in a group but separated into few different data group which this process is actually slowing down computer performance. Defragment is meant to rearrange the fragment of data into a proper manner which fetching of data from system become smoother and faster. Schedule defragmentation is recommended for computer users especially those who interested in software testing.

2. Scheduled Clean Up

Cleaning up the dust within the computer will improved the performance? May be true for desktop but totally not for laptop. Scheduled clean up in this case means the elimination of junk files in your computer. Normal internet surfing activities will generate variety of files such as cookies that are used to facilitate internet browsing. Accumulation of these files will eventually slow down your PC.

3. Avoid Installation of Memory-Consuming Monster

Your computer performance may decrease due to some memory-consuming monster installed in your computer. These monster consist of antivirus program especially internet security package, out-of-date internet browser, pps (online video streaming) and professional drawing software. Antivirus program is the most common source of memory-consumption program that probably slow down your PC. One of the recommended way to improve your computer performance is to install light antivirus program likes Avira Antivir Personal or Avast. The security level of these software could be sufficient for normal daily use of computer unless you are dealing with high risk illegal download.

4. Uninstall Unwanted Program

There will be a moment when you keep all the unwanted program in your PC and await for the next format in order to eliminate those program. This could be a very bad habit for PC maintenance which these unwanted program will definitely consume the limited memory resource. Perform a scheduled removal of these program along with the cleaning up of junk files. You can easily perform the removal using Windows Clean Up feature for Windows users.

5. Turn Off Unwanted Background Application

Every time you turn on your PC, it would take less time to boot if these are not much application running at the startup time. As you install more software in your PC, there will be more application being activated during startup time which is actually slowing down your PC even after PC boot. These application run in background mode and consume part of the PC memory. In order to avoid memory consumption by these background application, someone can turn off these application by following the steps below:

  • click Windows Logo + R
  • type msconfig in search box
  • uncheck the unwanted program
6. Turn Off Sidebar

Windows users may experience slow startup due to the running of sidebar feature. Windows Sidebar provide easy-access to certain application and also a clear picture of the date & time notification. At the same time, sidebar feature used up around 100 Mb to keep these application running. It is recommended to turn off sidebar to avoid decreased computer performance.

7. Add More RAM

Besides of processing power, size of RAM is another important criteria that determine the computer performance in term of speed. RAM acts as the temporary storage for data used to open certain application. More RAM installed in your PC eliminate the need of fetching data from the system everytime you open an application and this will improve the PC performance.

8. Format

Final solution for bad performing computer is to undergo format. After format, your PC will free from all problem such as virus infection and slow performance. In order to keep your PC perform well, kindly follow the steps as described above.

Asus transformer.

The Asus Transformer is part of the Eee Pad range which is partly derived from the successful Asus Eee PC lineup renowned for cheap price and great specs. It sticks with the compact netbook form factor of its predecessors, but as the name suggests it has a trick or two up its sleeves which cannot be matched by the competition.

The hardware powering the Asus Transformer is definitely up to the task of facilitating its multifaceted capabilities. Inside a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor clocked at 1GHz is able to handle complex processes without buckling under the pressure and with Android 3.0 onboard it has an interface which is perfect for touch-based interactions via its tactile display.

1GB of RAM and up to 32GB of onboard storage make sure that the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is able to live up to the expectations of the tablet market, even if it looks a little light on features when compared with full sized notebooks and even dinky netbooks.

A duo of cameras make the Transformer a good choice for anyone who wants to keep their life captured and preserved wherever they go. On the rear a five megapixel snapper will take detailed shots whilst a forward-facing 1.3 megapixel unit is best suited to web chatting.

Onboard connectivity comes in the form of Wi-Fi and unlike many of its rivals there is no 3G connectivity to worry about, which means the price is also kept relatively low. In turn the availability of web access when you are out and about is slightly hampered, but this is not necessarily a deal breaker. 9.5 hours of battery life will provide users with a decent window of time to use the Transformer without having to recharge it.

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is a device of two halves, in the very literal meaning of the phrase. When in its standard mode it has a 10.1 inch display and a full keyboard and touchpad, taking the traditional clamshell approach to form factor. However, the entire top half can be detached, allowing you to take the screen and operating system with you whilst you leave the keyboard at home.

Significantly the Asus Transformer can be bought as a standalone tablet or bundled with the keyboard dock. This means the twin devices are not perfectly matched to one another as the tablet has to stand out in its own right, but their coupling is not clumsy in any way and the premium finish makes them both feel suitably solid and durable for long term usage.

Android 3.0 provides access to plenty of different services, from web browsing and document editing to gaming and app usage. Hundreds of thousands of programmes can be found on the Android store and for those who want to get creative the presence of a keyboard will mean that you are no longer just consuming websites and media files but actually making your own documents and spreadsheets.